Hinsdale Living Spotlight

First-Class Service

Lux Tux Transportation continues to offer exemplary service.

Words by Tricia Despres / Photography by Robin Subar

It was a wild ride that James Jordan will never forget.

A few years back, the longtime Western Springs resident was headed downtown and, like so many others, decided to utilize the services of a well-known Rideshare’s Black Car Service for what he hoped would be a leisurely ride to Chicago.

Unfortunately, it was anything but.

“I was feeling car sick after four blocks,” remembers Jordan with a hearty chuckle. “The guy was slamming on the brakes and talking loudly on the phone and he was literally driving like a taxi driver would. It was very frustrating.”

As a longtime executive in the service industry, Jordan knew that there had to be a solution and soon made this a reality with the creation of Lux Tux Transportation Inc., a company that features a fleet of high-end cars such as the Mercedes S-Class Sedan, Mercedes Sprinter Van and the Cadillac Escalade SUV. Jordan declared that his mission statement was to “provide an exemplary and safe customer experience backed by first class service, as if every passenger was a member of our family.”

“I’ve long utilized private cars for my own transportation needs, and was surprised at the inconsistent quality of their vehicles and drivers, even from the same company at the same price,” explains Jordan, who began his business roughly three years ago. “We provide beautiful cars that are driven by professionals who know what they are doing and where they are going.”

Located in Burr Ridge, the well-respected transportation company has long been a favorite of the most discriminant of customers, especially during these times in which cleanliness has never been more important. “Our customers are guaranteed a clean, sanitized car every single time,” explains Jordan of the precautionary measures currently being taken in light of the ongoing pandemic. “In fact, there is a strict, half-hour process that each of our masked drivers go through now to ensure that the car is as clean as can be between passengers.”

Indeed, the pandemic has forced Jordan to take a good look at the business model of Lux Tux Transportation.

“There was a time when our airport business was truly the bread and butter of this company,” recalls Jordan, who does frequent background checks on his drivers to ensure that his customers are in the safest of hands. “We have had to find other areas in which to compensate for the loss of that business.”

For example, the company has started driving some of their high-profile clients to their second homes in Florida, purely because some don’t feel safe going to an airport quite yet. Lux Tux Transportation has also begun working with entire families of passengers like never before.

“Over the holidays, we had one family charter us for the day so they could go downtown together to shop, have dinner and see the lights in a safe, clean car driven by someone they could truly trust,” recalls Jordan. “Our business may look a little different these days, but what hasn’t changed is our dedication to our customers, and the trust they have always had in us.”